"My daughter was diagnosed with moderate to severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, and Irlen Syndrome when she was 6. At the time of the diagnosis, she was reading well below her grade level. She began tutoring with Angie at that time. Angie is great with children and an excellent teacher. My daughter is now 11 and in the 6th grade. She reads at the same level as her peers and understands all the rules in the English language for proper pronunciation and spelling. Angie also provided me with resources for overlays and glasses to help my daughter with her Irlen Syndrome. Angie has continued to offer support even though my daughter no longer needs tutoring. I feel blessed to have found Angie to help my baby girl learn how to read! "   

– Virginia Bellew

“Our tutoring experience with Paige [RDS Tutor] for our granddaughter has been extremely rewarding. We feel like she has learned so much. She enjoys and respects Paige and has never once suggested she would rather not go. We are so appreciative for the extra ways Paige makes things interesting and pleasant.” 

– Michele Page 

“Our daughter went from feeling ‘dumb at every subject’as she would say, to loving school and being in Freshman Honors English after tutoring with Angie! She has confidence to read aloud and openly discuss her dyslexia with teachers while also sharing her dyslexia strengths. She looked forward to her tutoring time with Angie and is grateful for everything it has allowed her to accomplish so far!” 

 – Brent and Lisa Reich

"Our daughter was diagnosed at three years old with speech delays and had several different tutors before we finally found Angie. Once we got our daughter with Angie and on the Susan Barton method it was like we got a second chance with our daughter. It literally changed our daughters life. Before working with Angie, Ashley had become withdrawn, sad, confused, and combative with everyone because of her disability. Angie showed our daughter that dyslexia was not the end but something that you could work around. By giving Ashley different strategies to learn to speak, read, and write we now have a student that is very close to being on par with her peers at school." 

– Randy and Deena Richter

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Different!

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